John Mills For Congress

Religious Liberty

The first amendment to the Constitution is very clear:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The government has no place intruding upon the closely held religious rights of the people! The freedom to practice according to one’s values is what makes American families strong and ensures future prosperity of our great nation! We must fight to protect your religious liberties from those who infringe upon them!

2nd Amendment

The right to bear arms is critical to ensuring that our government remains one that is of the people serving for the common good. The rights of the individual, much like the rights of the state, must be able to be defended if we are to ensure liberty and justice for all men.


Freedom of choice in healthcare is imperative, including keeping medical choices between patients and their doctors. Government intrusion in the free market (Obamacare) has done more harm than good. Free market solutions create healthy competition that in turn drives prices down and quality up.


The federal government has several unique responsibilities which require funding such as national defense and regulation of international trade, but unfortunately the federal government has far outgrown its intended scope. This rampant growth of federal bureaucracy is like a financial anchor around the neck of our great nation. I believe in lowering taxes for all Americans by eliminating bureaucratic waste and limiting the reach of the federal government to only those functions for which it is needed.

National Security

The federal government has a Constitutional obligation to protect its citizens. Our borders remain unprotected and vulnerable to heavily armed narco-drug gangs from across the border and our nation becomes the playground to foreign espionage and subversion. Border security is a must!


Our armed forces must be capable of responding to threats to protect our national sovereignty. Brave men and women of our armed forces are sent overseas to fight in foreign wars in order to safeguard our liberties. Unfortunately, sequestration and nearly a decade of continuing resolutions (Congress not doing its job and failing to pass a budget) have effectively crippled our military. Mission readiness is at its lowest ever! We must restore the fighting readiness of our military and work to modernize military acquisitions strategies if we are to maintain a strong defensive capability. Peace through strength!


Free market prevails over government regulation. The less government intervenes in the economy, the stronger the economy becomes. Businesses are never too big to fail and America needs the return of sound money as found in the Constitution.


The Department of Energy was established in 1977 when our country was importing 30% of its energy needs. The department was to help make our country less dependent on foreign energy sources, particularly oil. Now over 40 years later, our dependency on foreign energy sources has more than doubled to nearly 70% of what we need, much of it from countries that despise ours. The Department of Energy, in cooperation with other federal agencies, actually blocks acquisitions of tremendous energy resources within our own nation’s borders. In fact, the entire government program that deals with energy is flawed and is making energy sources less available and less usable for an industrial nation.


We need regulated, legal immigration that welcomes legal immigrants to assimilate into the American culture by learning the founding principles of freedom, the proper framework of government, and the English language. We need to end government assistance to illegal immigrants and say no amnesty! When this ideology prevails, illegal immigrants will deport themselves.


Choose freedom and stop Common Core! Education is an integral element of a free society. America must preserve parental control of education by stopping the top-down imposition of national standards on public schools, private schools, and home schools if liberty is to prosper. It is imperative that the voice of parents in their children’s education remains free and unabridged by government usurping. It is only through education that there can be a well-informed populous. With the help of God, education is the key to a better world.

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